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MARCH 1, 2024 Special Council Meeting Agenda

MARCH 5, 2024 City Council Meeting Agenda

IMPORTANTWater Service Pipe Material Inventory

The EPA is requiring an inventory of all water service pipe materials be submitted by October 16th 2024. The water service pipe supplies water to properties from the City water main to the water meter. This section of pipe is owned and maintained by the City. Property owners own the water service pipe from the meter into the residence. The City will be sending surveys to water customers this spring to verify what type of water pipe services their property. The survey will have instructions on where to find your service pipe and how to identify pipe materials. Common materials are PVC, copper, galvanized metal, and Poly. If property owners would like assistance, the survey will include contact information to schedule a City employee to help identify the water service.

Message from:  SUNSHINE DISPOSAL (click here)

Affordable Connectivity Program INTERNET SERVICE (click here)

Link to complete the survey: Please have everyone in your household 9 and older fill it out. Thank you for your help!



Genesee Wastewater Brochure

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Welcome to Our Town!

Farming. Community. Family.



Genesee is a quiet community nestled in the fertile rolling hills and prairie of Idaho’s Palouse country…

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From 2012 to 2017, Jobs increased by 10.9%. This change outpaced the national growth rate of 7.9% by 3%.

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About Town

About Town

Discover a hidden gem tucked in the heart of Idaho.

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From the Former Governor:

The City of Genesee is an amazing town that is truly one of the gems of Idaho.

Gov. Butch Otter
Gov. Butch Otter

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